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posted july 27. 2018

Gutvik Ukentlig 2018
    Program is now launched at

    First concert is Tuesday 31th July at Kulturhuset, Youngsgate 6, Oslo. Clarinetist and voice improviser Isabelle Duthoit performs in trio with bassist Jon Rune Strøm and Ketil Gutvik.
    Andreas Winther performs Ungsoloen.

posted april 15. 2017
Large Unit goes USA, Roskilde, Molde, Berlin, Bezau!
    What a summer this will be! Large Unit tour the US with 12 concerts across the east coast, play at the Roskilde Festival, does a ethio-brazil version of the band with 21 musicians and dancers at the Molde Int Jazz Festival, plays at the Alarme Festival in Berlin and in Bezau, Austria.

posted oct 15. 2017
Large Unit goes Japan
    Large Unit will tour Japan in October and November. 7 concerts altogether:

    30 Oct Jazz Inn New Combo in Fukuoka
    31 Oct Environment 0g in Osaka
    1 Nov Jazz Spot Candy in Chiba
    2 Nov Jazz Spot Candy in Chiba
    3 Nov Pit Inn in Tokyo w Akira Sakata
    4 Nov Pit Inn in Tokyo w Jim O’Rourke
    5 Nov Pit Inn in Tokyo w Michiyo Yagi

posted july 26. 2017
Gutvik Ukentlig 2017
    Program is now launched at

    First concert is Tuesday 25th July at Kulturhuset, Youngsgate 6, Oslo. Clarinetist Isak Hedtjärn performs in quartet with drummer Dag Erik Knedal Andersen, fluteist Bjørnar Habbestad and Ketil Gutvik.
    Karl Hjalmar Nyberg performs Ungsoloen.

posted februaru 15. 2017
Large Unit goes Ethiopia
    Large Unit first full length release (times four) was named ERTA ALE, named after the highest mountain in Ethiopia, and also an active vulcano. This April we go to Addis Ababa and play five concerts around town.

posted August 20. 2016
Large Unit goes Brazil
    Large Unit recorded the album ANA in august 2015 with double tuba and the two Brazilian percussionists Celio de Carvalho and Paulinho Bicolor. This September we’ll play with these wonderful musicians again in BRAZIL! Several concerts in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

posted july 26. 2016
Gutvik Ukentlig 2016
    Program is now launched at

    First concert is Tuesday 26th July at Kulturhuset, Youngstorget, Oslo. Legendary guitar improviser John Russell performs in duo with Ketil Gutvik.
    Torstein Lavik Larsen performs Ungsoloen.

posted july 26. 2015
Gutvik Ukentlig 2015
    Program for every Tuesday until 1 September is now launched at

    First concert is Tuesday 28th July at Kulturhuset, Youngstorget, Oslo. Composer, DJ and improviser Mariam Rezaei, bassist Michael Francis Duch and Ketil Gutvik performs in trio. Live Sollid Schulerud performs Ungsoloen.

posted april 20. 2015
Large Unit Europe & North American tour 2015
    Since the St Johann-gig in March this is the new line-up of Paal Nilssen-Love's Large Unit:
    Thomas Johansson: trumpet, Mats Äleklint: trombone, Klaus Holm: reeds, Julie Kjær: reeds, Per Åke Holmlander: tuba, Ketil Gutvik: guitar, Tommi Keränen: electronics, Jon Rune Strøm: bass, Christian Meaas Svendsen: bass, Andreas Wildhagen: drums, Paal Nilssen-Love: drums, Christian Obermayer: live sound

    European tour April/May 2015:

    29th Rote Fabrik, Zurich CH
    30th Mediawave, Komarom HU
    1st Cafe Oto, London UK
    2nd Cafe Oto, London UK
    3rd Oorstof-Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp BE
    4th Evinger Schloss, Dortmund DE
    5th Jazzkeller Hofheim DE
    6th Club Manufaktur, Schorndorf DE
    7th Bimhuis, Amsterdam NL
    8th Porgy & Bess, Vienna AU
    9th Folken, Maijazz, Stavanger NO

    North American tour June 2015:

    13th New York NY: Issue Project Room
    14th Baltimore MD: The Windup Space
    15th Raleigh NC: Kings
    16th Columbia SC: 701 Center for Contemporary Art
    17th Lexington KY: Moondance Outdoor Ampitheater
    19th Buffalo NY: Burchfield Penney Art Center
    20th Montreal QC: Suoni per il Popolo
    21st Montreal QC: Suoni per il Popolo
    22nd Ottawa: Ottawa Jazzfestival
    23rd Detroit MI: Trinosophes
    24th Milwaukee WI: Sugar Maple
    25th Chicago IL, Constellation
    27th Vancouver BC: Vancouver Jazzfestival
    28th Seattle WA: Earshot

posted february 15. 2015
Large Unit March 2015
    The Large Unit train will roll on in 2015. First gig this year is in Tyrol, at the wonderful Artacts festival i St. Johann. We play on 8 March. Also on Friday 6 March I'll play a trio Julie Kjær and Jon Rune Strøm.

    Visit artacts '15 webpage for full program etc.

    Further on I'll post live dates for our upcoming tours in May and June shortly. Meanwhile please follow Large Unit on twitter, and visit our facebook-page for instant updates.

posted 5. november 2014
Fritt Fall 2014
    Fritt Fall has been down since spring 2014. Now we're back and will put on double concerts at Pizdets and nyMusikk every Saturday from 15 November until 19 December. Check the Fritt Fall webpage for program updates..

posted september 20. 2014
Paal Nilssen Love Large Unit activities autumn 2014
    Since joining Paal's amazing new ensemble for the debut at the Molde Jazz Festival in July 2013 we've toured Norway, played the Moers Festival i Germany, Kongsberg Jazz Festival in Norway and Blow Out Festival in Oslo.

    This autumn we'll visit Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Music Unlimited Festival in Austria, plus perform a release concert in Oslo for our upcoming box set "Erta Ale" in November.

    27 October Copenhagen Jazzhouse
    9 November Music Unlimited, Wels, Austria
    12 November Blå, Oslo

posted july 24. 2014
    Finally the program for this year's summer concerts series is launched. The series started in 2003, and has been present in Oslo every summer since. Please visit for full program and other details!

    First date is 29 July at Kulturhuset, Youngstorget 3, Oslo. Different venues will be used from date to date. Please be aware of this

    Thanks to Konsertforeninga, Norsk jazzforum, Kulturhuset, Taxi Take Away and Cappelens Forslag for all help and support!

posted february 22. 2014
Upcoming tour with Okkyung Lee & Kristoffer Alberts
    The trio Okkyung Lee / Ketil Gutvik / Kristoffer Alberts had it's debut at Gutvik Ukentlig in 2011. In 2013 we were invited to play at the Blow Out!-festival i Oslo.

    Here's our upcoming tour:




    Photo: Peter Gannushkin / DOWNTOWNMUSIC.NET

posted january 5. 2014
Upcoming tour with Paal Nilssen-Love's Large Unit

posted july 24. 2013 (wow!)
Gutvik Ukentlig 2013
    No reason not to repeat parts of last year's description:
    Since the first concert in July 2003 this summer concert series for improvised music has evolved into a fantastic melting pot of new talents and some of the greatest improvisers around today.

    This year's program mark the 10th anniversary for Gutvik Ukentlig. This is the list of amazing guests from abroad from 23 July until 3 September: Audrey Lauro (FR), Axel Dörner (DE), Tobias Delius (UK), Akira Sakata (JP), Fred Lonberg-Holm (US), Okkyung Lee (KOR), Sven Åke Homlander (SE), Steve Noble (UK)

    Follow me on twitter for updates etc etc, and certainly the Ukentlig website where you'll find the full program, plus eleven years of history.

    Swedish tuba-king Per-Ã…ke Holmlander visits Gutvik Ukentlig on 27 August, together with Kjetil Møster and Ståle Liavik Solberg.

posted july 24. 2012

Gutvik Ukentlig 2012
    Since the first concert in July 2003 this summer concert series for improvised music has evolved into a fantastic melting pot of new talents and some of the greatest improvisers around today. This years program is about to be finished and these are the confirmed names by now: John Russell (UK), Emil trandberg (SE), Pat Thomas (UK), Dave Dove (US), Dominic Lash (UK), André Roligheten, Lasse Marhaug, Ståle Liavik Solberg, Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, Børre Mølstad, Dag Erik Knedal Andersen and ..Ketil Gutvik.

    Follow me on twitter for recent program updates etc etc, and at the Ukentlig website you will find ten years of history.

    Emil Strandberg åpner årets konsertserie sammen med Ståle Liavik Solberg og Ketil Gutvik.

posted november 19.
New trio
    You'll probably hear more from this trio the coming year:
    On August 17th, and after about an hour in the car, we played for a handful of people at Alejandro Perez' Atelier Vanntårnet in Kongsvinger.

    Followed up the next day by a packed house at MIR and the Blow Out!-festival, organized by Ståle Solberg and Paal Nilssen-Love.
    I found some nice images by sjetilv from Blow Out! here!

posted november 19.
Contribution to Fritt Fall this season
    On Oktober 22nd: Øyvind Brække / Dag Erik Knedal Andersen Duo + Kai Mikalsen / Ketil Gutvik Duo
    A great duo with Øyvind and Dag Erik, and great fun to play with Kai, too! Will happen again!

    Then on December 17th Fritt Fall will repeat the solo maraton-success from december last year. Together we'll present 39 solos of improvised music between 2 and 12 pm. I'll post the program soon!

    More about Fritt Fall here.

posted august 2.
Gutvik Ukentlig 2011
    For the 9th year in a row I'm happy and proud to present the program of my annual summer concert series:

    tirsdag 2. august
    Antoine Chessex (CH) / Kristin Andersen / Guro Skumsnes Moe / Ketil Gutvik
    + Ungsoloen: Adrian Myhr

    tirsdag 9. august
    Tobias Delius (UK) / Paal Nilssen-Love / Ketil Gutvik
    + Ungsoloen: Henrik Nørstebø¸

    tirsdag 16. august
    Axel Dörner (D) / Morten J. Olsen / Ketil Gutvik
    + Ungsoloen: Njål Uhre Kiese

    tirsdag 23. august
    NO, GUTVIK med Lotte Anker (DK)
    /dag erik knedal andersen/ketil gutvik/børre mølstad/
    + Ungsoloen: Agnes Hvizdalek solo

    tirsdag 30. august
    Okkyung Lee (KOR) / Kristoffer Alberts / Ketil Gutvik
    /cello/tenor saks/gitar/
    + Ungsoloen: Vilde Alnæs solo

    tirsdag 6. september
    Robin Hayward (UK) / Atle Nymo / Mats Monstad / Ketil Gutvik
    tba & Ketil Gutvik duo
    /akustisk laptop/gitarer/
    + Ungsoloen: Inga Margrete Aas solo
    NB! Ekstra stort program fordi programmet 26. juli ble flyttet fram.

    Check the webpage Gutvik Ukentlig 2011 for bios, images, links, and recently updated info..

posted march 12.
More upcoming dates and new projects
    Fritt Fall at Sound of MU, Oslo -
    March 12th at 15:00 hrs
    Duo with Ole-Henrik Moe.

    Fritt Fall at Sound of MU, Oslo - March 26th at 15:00 hrs
    Trio with Lasse Marhaug on turntables and Børre Mølstad on tuba.

    Blow Up! at MIR, Oslo - March 29th at 20:00 hrs
    The trio NO, GUTVIK with Dag Erik Knedal Andersen on drums and tubaist Børre Mølstad.

    Sound of Mu, Oslo - April 14th at 20:00 hrs
    TBA TBA with TBA on TBA and TBA.

    Blow Up! at MIR, Oslo - June 21th at 20:00 hrs
    Ketil joins this long lasting duo of Birgit Ulher and Gino Robair for two exclusive concerts in Norway.

    Smalt Konsertforum at Vemork, Rjukan - June 22nd at tba hrs
    Trio with Birgit Ulher and Gino Robair at the famous museum in Rjukan

posted january 20.
Upcoming dates and new projects
    Fritt Fall at Sound of MU - March 12th at 15:00 hrs
    Duo with the amazing Ole-Henrik Moe.

    Fritt Fall at Sound of MU - March 26th at 15:00 hrs
    Played for the first time with Lasse Marhaug last summer. This time we join forces with our favourite tubaist Børre Mølstad in this brand new trio-constallation.

    Blow Up! at MIR - March 29th at 20:00
    The trio NO, GUTVIK plays at this brand new concert-series for improvised music at MIR in Oslo.

posted july 31.
The Program - Gutvik Ukentlig 2010
    Please click on the dates to get to the Ukentlig-webpage.

    PROGRAM 2010:

    tirsdag 27. juli
    Emil Strandberg (SE) / Ståle Liavik Solberg / Ketil Gutvik


    tirsdag 3. august
    Tanja Feichtmair (AU) / Lasse Marhaug / Ketil Gutvik

    tirsdag 17. august
    Kjell Samkopf/Ketil Gutvik Duo
    /perkusjon og objekter/gitarer/
    + Birgit Ulher (D) solo /trompet/
    Radio Signal No More

    tirsdag 24. august
    NO, GUTVIK med Fredrik Ljungkvist (SE)
    /dag erik knedal andersen/ketil gutvik/børre mølstad/

    tirsdag 31. september
    Paul Dunmall (UK) / Paal Nilssen-Love / Ketil Gutvik
    /tenor saks og sekkepipe/trommer og cymbaler/gitarer og kodakbokser/

    tirsdag 7. september
    John Russell (UK) solo + Christian Münthe
    (SE) solo + Ketil Gutvik Solo
    3 x solo impro-guitar

posted june 28.
Ukentlig-webpage is up!
    The 2010-webpage is up running at

    ..also, extremely proud to present the program dates for last half of the series :

    24. August
    NO, GUTVIK with Fredrik Ljungkvist

    31. August
    Paul Dunmall/Paal NIlssen-Love/Ketil Gutvik

    7. September
    John Russell solo + Christian Münthe solo + Ketil Gutvik solo

posted june 17.
Gutvik Ukentlig 2010
    My summer concert series will be on for the eight year in a row, and these are the dates:
    27. July, 3. Aug, 17. Aug, 24. Aug, 31. Aug and 7. Sept

    The first booking is ready, which funny enough is the last date - Tuesday 7th Sept: John Russell solo + Christian Münthe solo + Ketil Gutvik solo
    Don't miss it!

posted june 17.
Fritt Fall, atumn 2010
    We start the program season with what we call a "season jump", Saturday 4th of September. My booking for this is not ready yet, but soon though!
    The following dates are:
    4/9 - Sesong hopp
    16/10 - Daniel presents Klaus Holm

    I'll post the program here as it falls in place..


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